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Church Events/Photos

Minister Michael Houseworth Sunday May 26th 10 A.M.

Memorial Day at CLC Church This Year Monday 5/27/2024



Mothers, Muffins, and Me

Singing at Assisted Living Facility

White Elephant Party

Christian Life Center's White Elephant Party is a church-wide favorite for all ages. The event kicks off with a delicious dinner offering barbecue beef sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, desserts, and beverages. Each person brings a gift for the White Elephant game. Adults bring a gift for another adult and children bring a gift for a child. Each person is given a number. The person with the number "1" selects a gift from a table. The second participant can either choose a gift that someone else has chosen; or, they can select a gift off a table. The game gets exciting as participants select a good gift from someone else or take their chance at the gift table. Game play continues until everyone has received a gift; Some gifts are nice, practical gifts, such as a blanket or it might be a gag gift, such as a toilet seat! This event is truly a church-wide favorite. The White Elephant Party occurs every year around the Christmas season.

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